Omni Automation: Append/Prepend Text to Task Name

Please note that Omni Automation for OmniFocus is still in development and details are subject to change before it officially ships. If you have questions, please refer to Omni's Slack #automation channel.


From time to time, I need to add a series of similar tasks to OmniFocus which begin or end with the same word(s) or phrase(s).

For example, I might have a list of questions to complete for university that looks like this:

But of course I would like to add some more information so that, when looking at these tasks in other perspectives, I have more context than just the question number.


I have written an Omni Automation script for OmniFocus that allows me to quickly and easily prepend or append text to a series of selected tasks. You can see it in action below:

The Script

The plugin file can be download from GitHub here. At that link you will find instructions for installing the plugin.

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