How To: Use Shortcuts To Turn Off iPhone 14 Pro’s ‘Always On’ Mode Overnight

With the introduction of the iPhone 14 Pro comes “always on” mode. I wanted to have this switched on during the day, but not at night.

If you use the built-in ‘Sleep’ focus mode, this happens automatically. But if, like me, that built-in mode doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, you may have set up a “custom” sleeping mode that doesn’t rely on the sleep schedule.

Shortcuts Automations to the rescue!

The trick to realise is that the ‘Always On’ feature turns itself off when ‘Low Power Mode’ is enabled. Since I’m (hopefully) asleep, I don’t mind if a few things are turned off overnight.

So, my solution is:

  1. Set up an automation that runs when the ‘Sleeping’ focus mode is turned on. This should turn ‘Low Power Mode’ on. (But it can also do other things while you’re there! Mine sets the volume and brightness to 0%, turns on dark mode, sets ‘Lights Out’ in the Autosleep app if it’s after 8pm, switches my watch face to one I prefer at night time, and turns on cinema mode and silent mode my watch.)
  2. Set up an automation that runs when Low Power Mode is turned off. This should ‘Get Current Focus’, and if it is the sleeping focus mode, turn Low Power Mode right back on again.
  3. Set up an automation that runs when the ‘Sleeping’ focus mode is turned off. This should turn Low Power Mode back off (assuming you want it to!). Mine also reverts all of the settings from #1 back to normal.

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