Request A Custom OmniFocus Plug-In

Do you have a laundry routine or professional project that could benefit from a little Omni Automation magic, but no time or inclination to learn to build your own OmniFocus plug-in?

I’ve spent a lot of time playing with Omni Automation now and can (probably) help!

Go ahead and send me a message below: please add as much detail as possible about the problem you’d like to solve or workflow you’d like to improve, the possible solution you are imagining, and any specific deadlines or constraints you might have.

Once you’ve submitted the form, I’ll either be in touch for more information or send you a quote for your review as soon as possible.

Prices start at AU$20 for a simple single-action script with payment via PayPal only once you’ve received your plug-in, tested it out, and have confirmed that you are happy with it. (Could you run off with the plug-in and never pay me? Yes! But I trust you.)

Things to keep in mind before filling in the form below:

  • At present, there are no automation ‘triggers/hooks’ within OmniFocus: if there is something you’d like to happen every time you complete a task, add a tag, remove a tag, etc. then you will need to remember to select a menu item, hit a keyboard shortcut, or similar to run an action that performs both the trigger and the desired action.
  • Similarly, OmniFocus actions can’t be automatically run from within OmniFocus on a schedule. Having said that, I’d be happy to help get you set up with a script in Keyboard Maestro or similar that will help you to run a plug-in action regularly.
  • If you would prefer me not to share the resulting plug-in (assuming it is not super-specific to your set-up) please advise this when you submit the form below. Alternatively, if you’d like to receive credit for your idea if I do share it, please let me know that too!